Would You Bust a Bad Mother?

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Liv Tyler stepped up to help a crying kid -- would you? Photo: Getty Images

Actress Live Tyler recently found herself in a situation that I'll bet many of you have been in as well: She witnessed a woman losing her temper with a child in public. In Tyler's case, the woman was a grandmotherly type who was allegedly yelling at and hitting a young child in a stroller.

Upset by what she saw, Liv was moved to act. What she said to the woman isn't clear, but judging by the shouting match that followed, it was not well received.

It is hard to stand by and watch as a child is being treated roughly by a parent or caregiver. But is it ever okay to step in and bust a "bad mother"? Cafe Mom readers are talking about it and offering some very thoughtful comments on the subject.
As one reader points out, no form of discipline ever looks good in front of other people. And unless a child is in clear danger, involving yourself is probably out of line. But if you must, do it carefully and with tact.

After the incident, Liv Tyler told a nearby photographer that she confronted the woman because she "couldn't take it" and "had to do something." That statement certainly gives the impression that Tyler, just like the yelling and hitting woman, was reacting emotionally rather than logically. Understandable, but ultimately not helpful.

If Tyler felt compelled to involve herself, perhaps she should have taken a moment to consider what she could do to help diffuse the situation, not exasperate it. By angering the woman, she may have actually made things worse for the child.

What would you do in a situation like that? Has anyone ever butted in to your personal parenting business?

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