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Happy Friday again! If you don't already have plans for the weekend, here are some ideas as adapted from reviews and ratings by Common Sense Media. Click on the links to read the reviews in full.

"Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" may have been inspired by a kid's toy, but it was definitely made with adults in mind. Brutal violence, sexual images and every bad word in the book make the film inappropriate for younger kids. Big special effects, too many characters and multiple story-lines make the film hard to follow and results in a movie that is more spectacle than special. Rated PG-13, Iffy for Kids 13+

Pink Panther 2With a top-notch comedic cast, "Pink Panther 2" should be a rollicking good time. Unfortunately, the combined efforts of Steve Martin, Lily Tomlin and John Cleese can't rival the pure genius of the original Inspector Clouseau, Peter Sellers. It might not live up to expectations, but with only slapstick violence, a little flirting and no objectionable language, at least it won't offend. Rated PG, OK for Kids 11+

Set in the world of competitive gymnastics, "Make It or Break It" is yet another variation of the 'snobby bad girl versus the nice good girl' theme. If viewers can look past the tired plot device, the film offers an interesting look behind the scenes of athletic competition. Rated TV-14, OK for Kids 12+

King of the ScrewupsAs the title suggests, "King of the Screwups" by K.L. Going is about a teen who is always messing up. His latest transgression has resulted in him being kicked out of his father's house and sent to live with a flamboyant relative. It's a well-written and sometimes humorous tale of a boy struggling to please his emotionally abusive father. OK for Kids 14+

Although "The E.N.D" by The Black Eyed Peas is mostly a raunchy party album with songs about booty calls and sex toys, there are a few slightly more serious offerings as well. Most of the tracks have clean language, but the ones that don't might more than make up for that. OK for Kids 15+

"Bill My Parents" is a site that allows kids to shop online at select retailers, choose what they want to purchase, and then send a request to a credit card-carrying adult to pay for it. Or not. Maybe it is a good way to give your teen some independent shopping experience without actually handing over the credit card. But it is bound to make hearing "no" a lot more frustrating to a kid who just spent an afternoon filling up a virtual shopping cart. Iffy for Kids 15+

My Sims Racing"My Sims Racing" for Nintendo Wii puts players in the driver's seat as rookie race car drivers who must save a town by winning races. It is fast-paced fun but requires lots of reading and easily frustrated kids might have difficulty with the controls. Rated E, OK for Kids 7+

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