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The fourth of July is the perfect time for family fun. Image: ginnerobot/Flickr

Get out your vacuum cleaners! These indoor fireworks, aka confetti popper rockets, are sure to be a hit with the kids. -- Alpha Mom

Spending your Fourth at the beach? Pick up some of these cool beach toys to keep the kids busy while you soak up some sunshine. -- LilSugar

On the other hand, maybe your kids enjoy hunting sea shells instead. Here's a simple recipe for cleaning the favorites they bring home. -- CafeMom

Should you rethink bringing your kids to that backyard BBQ? If kids aren't explicitly invited, maybe so, says MomLogic, or at the very least make sure you aren't making the other guests entertain your kids.

More patriotic crafts! A fan for keeping cool, a Betsy Ross-style American flag and a stars and stripes wall hanging. -- BabyCenter

Have some fun at the family barbecue with some holiday inspired games: Balloon Brigade Relay Race, Bossy Ball and the Soggy Jog Relay seem like a good place to start. -- Family Fun

Want your kids to know the story behind the fireworks and fun? Here's a short history of Independence Day and a quiz to test your knowledge about this all-American holiday. -- Kaboose

Finally, teach your youngest kids the colors red, white and blue by serving these patriotic and colorful foods for dinner. --


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