With Liberty and Justice for Baby Names

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If your due date falls around Independence Day, the idea has probably crossed your mind: "Born on the 4th of July." Should you mark the occasion with a name, at least a middle name?

A generation ago, a founding father name like Madison or Jefferson might have done the trick. Today, though, those names are so popular that they've lost some of their 1776 punch. If you're ready to go a step farther, here are three names that will usher in a baby with a real show of fireworks.

Liberty. It sounds like a trendy new girl's name -- a sister to Destiny and Trinity -- but this name's roots run deep in American history. The years after the Revolution brought hundreds of baby Liberties, especially in Boston, home of the Tea Party and Paul Revere's ride. Today Liberty is more fashionable than ever. Its message of freedom speaks clearly, whatever your politics. (Current rank: #620 among girls' names.)

Justice. This name has a steadier and more global history. It's sometimes used as a version of the traditional saint's name Justus. That makes Justice a less showy choice than Liberty for a boy, while it sounds bolder on a girl. (Current rank: #432 for boys, #542 for girls.)

America. Why not cut to the chase? Actress America Ferrera has helped open parents' eyes to the ultimate American name. It may seem a bit strong at first glance, but when you try saying it out loud it's surprisingly natural as a girl's name: Amy + Erica. (Current rank: #503 for girls.)


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