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ana ortiz

"Ugly Betty" star Ana Ortiz welcomes a daughter. Photo:

Got a case of Mommy Brain? You aren't alone -- moms often complain of forgetfulness during pregnancy or immediately after. The Cradle has tips for dealing with this sometimes frustrating phenomenon.

"Ugly Betty" star Ana Ortiz and her husband Noah Lebenzon welcomed their first child, a daughter they named Paloma Louise. -- People

A new way to approach drug-free labor? Maybe. The makers of the TENS machine say that electrical pulses reduce labor pains with few side effects. -- LilSugar

These adorable little clips are worth the pain of growing out your daughter's bangs. -- Cool Mom Picks

What a happy looking family: Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick release the first pictures of their new twin daughters.

Momversation wants to know: Can single moms and married moms really be friends? I think so -- what do you think?

He was just trying to help, but when a Colorado teen raided birds' nests -- believing he could do a better job than nature, apparently -- he ended up in trouble with the police. Can you imagine finding 52 baby birds in your teenager's room? -- Pawnation

When life gets busy, it's tempting to feed kids in the drive-thru. But with these freezer pleasers, a homemade meal is easy to prepare. -- AOL Food


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