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Daily Cutie

    We really love the composition in this shot. Thanks to ( .Victory. ) for the cool photo.

    ( .Victory. )/Flickr

    We agree with Boom Got Em – God did send him an angel!

    Boom Got Em/Flickr

    Nobody puts baby in a corner. Thanks to Sarah Stewart for this adorable shot.

    Sarah Stewart/Flickr

    A future phone-talker is in the works. Thanks to anuragyagnik for this glimpse into the future.


    Such a happy little cowgirl. Thanks to 4peasinapod for this adorable portrait.


    What's this little one pondering? Thanks to kiu101 for this beautiful photo.


    Sick and snotty, but still a doll. Thanks to bilquest for sharing this cute photo.


    This bathing beauty makes us all smile. Thanks to kmorae3 for this darling photo.


    Oh that first tub bath! So cute. Thanks to FabFio666 for sharing this special moment.


    This precious tot doesn't mind getting his hands (or face!) dirty. Great shot, mamadowdell!


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