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Planning a road trip this weekend? Or any weekend, for that matter? Keep things calm and quiet in the backseat with these free downloadable games from LilSugar.

Tired of feeding the kids chicken nuggets and mac and cheese? These restaurants have figured out how to do kids' menus right. -- When Blog

Time to hire a sitter! Here's the top 10 July 4th parties, going on across the nation. -- Digital City

Want your kiddo to look patriotic at the fireworks this weekend? Here's a quick, last-minute craft: Fourth of July tie-dye tees. -- AlphaMom

Family vacations are for spending time with family, but bringing the nanny along -- that doesn't seem like such a bad idea. What do you think? Smart? Or pretentious? -- Strollerderby

Your daughter got your hair, your chin and your ... sarcastic wit? Do your worst traits ever show up in your children? -- Mommy Track'd

You're comfortable with just one, but are worried about only-child syndrome. Would you have a baby just to give your child a sibling? -- Work It, Mom!

An ultrasound picture you can hold? That's right. An artist makes a model of your baby based on your ultrasound pics. Cool or creepy? -- LilSugar

No one ever wants to think about it, but it's smart to plan for it anyway: Who would you choose to be the guardian of your child? -- Motherlode


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