Abigail Breslin Makes $13 a Week

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abigail breslin

Abigail Breslin gets a $13 allowance. Image: Getty Images

She's been nominated for an Oscar, made her way on to "Forbes" list of Young Hollywood's top earning stars and pulls in $2 million a movie. But child star Abigail Breslin still has to feed the cat (among other chores) for spending money.

At the premiere of her latest movie, "My Sister's Keeper," she told reporters that she recently got a $1 raise. "I get $13 [a week] now, because I'm 13," says Breslin.

Breslin, who lives with her parents and two brothers, might be a millionaire movie star, but her parents are still teaching her to be financially responsible -- chores and a weekly allowance are status quo for most kids, famous or not.

So what, exactly, is a fair allowance for kids? Breslin's parents go the dollar-a-week-per-year route, so Abigail got a raise after her last birthday. But there really isn't a one size fits all way to attack allowance. Here are some reasonable tips for deciding on an amount. Consider:

  • the age of your child
  • your own income
  • what your child's friends are getting
  • what you expect your child to pay for
We use the dollar-a-week-per-year route method at our house, but since our kids are quite young -- we still pay for everything -- we found that they don't really need that much. So once a month, the extra goes into their savings account. But if a teen like Breslin is expected to pay her own way into movies with friends or buy her own clothes, $13 a week might not be enough.

About.com has an allowance calculator for parents who like to do things the way their parents did. So, for instance, if you got $5 a week when you were a kid, it'll tell you the equivalent amount today.

How do you handle allowance in your house?

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