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Toddlers get tired of hearing the word "no." Image:

When you became a parent, did you turn into your mother? Or do you use your own parenting techniques? -- LilSugar

Genius! A dad of a diabetic child invented a blood glucose monitor that connects to Nintendo DS. Kids earn points for maintaining their blood sugar. -- Boing Boing

Feel like you're telling your toddler "no" all the time? Here are some alternatives that still get the message across, but won't make you feel like a broken record. -- CafeMom

New parents might not believe it, but there will come a time when you can pick up a book again. And when you do, the moms at Momversation have some recommended reading.

Grab your Kleenex and get ready to meet Eliot, miracle baby. Born with a congenital disorder, he lived an amazing 99 days (98 more than he was expected to live). And his loving parents cherished every single moment. -- Urlesque

Searching for a good babysitter? Find out what other parents look for in a babysitter. -- Babble

Fit parents aren't just happier and healthier, they teach their kids lifelong healthy habits. Get fit tips from That's Fit.

Missing your favorite martini during your pregnancy? Here's a great solution for those long nine months (and after, if you're breastfeeding): Preggatinis. As close to the real thing as you're going to get. -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Do you love your kids more than your husband? And even if you do, would you ever admit it? One mom explains why she has no problem saying so. -- MomLogic

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