Swim Goggles Too Dangerous For Kids?

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Childhood gets more dangerous every day. Image: sxc.hu

Just when you thought it was safe to jump into the water, a UK school has decided otherwise. Officials at St. Sidwells Primary school have banned students from wearing swim goggles in the pool because, they say, those rubbery spectacles are too dangerous. Yes, swim goggles -- those handy little devices that keep stinging chlorine out of your eyes and allow you to see where you are going when swimming under water -- have made their way on to the list of dangerous items for children.

The danger, according to the British Association of Advisors and Lecturers in Physical Education (BAALPE), comes from the mishandling of the goggles:

"Wet plastic is very slippery and frequent, incorrect or unnecessary adjustment or removal of them, by pulling them away from the eyes instead of sliding them over the forehead, can lead to them slipping from the pupil's grasp with the hard plastic causing severe injury."

Severe injury? From swim goggles?

Tracy Brock, mother of a St. Sidwells student, sums things up nicely in her response to the ban: "Children are being wrapped up in cotton wool now. If it carries on like this we are going to be breeding a generation of namby pambies."

As a kid, I spent every waking moment of summer vacation outdoors swimming in the deep end, climbing trees and jumping on trampolines without a safety net. As long as we got home before the streetlights came on, it was all good. I don't advocate bringing back all the crazy things we were allowed to do back in the day. Some of them were seriously dangerous (eating candy in secrecy on the roof of my house comes to mind). But banning swim goggles is a slippery slope. Agree? Have you ever had a problem with swim goggles?

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