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And you thought your last cake was a mess. Credit:

When our firstborn turned one, I decided to do a farm-themed party in honor of his love of animals and tractors, complete with a homemade barn cake. This was the first theme cake I'd ever attempted and I had no inkling that no matter how many bottles of red food coloring you add to butter cream frosting, it will remain pink.

In addition to the color issue, in all the stress of preparations for the party, only a square pan and lone cupcake emerged unscathed from the inferno of that house's ancient convection oven I never quite figured out how to operate. The visual effect of stacking the cupcake on the main cake slathered in pink butter cream was of a Barbie military tank, so I added a plastic straw to complete the effect. Happy 1st Birthday, Baby!

That was a pretty awful cake, but at least I was an amateur. Cake Wrecks is a blog dedicated to professionally decorated cakes that went very, very wrong along the way like an incredibly graphic baby shower cake or a unique "weeding" cake. The more I explore this blog, the better I feel about that tank/barn so many years ago!

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