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Helmets really do keep kids safe. Image:

So you picked out a great baby name, only to find out everyone else likes it too. The Cradle has some baby name suggestions that will keep your maintain your fav name's feel, while still being original.

Don't waste the beautiful belly bump! Here are five creative ways to celebrate that beautiful belly before your baby is born. -- LilSugar

Momversation weighs in on who they think should raise Michael Jackson's kids. Who do you think will or should get custody of them?

The best doctor I've ever had is a male OB, so why not a male midwife? Would you use one? -- CafeMom

Kid complaining that you enforce that pesky bike helmet rule? Show her this: They really do work. -- New York Times

Here's an interesting take on work/home balance: In our effort to not short-change our children, do we short-change our career? How do you strike the right balance? -- Motherlode

Teens still play at the park, it's just that their activities aren't always appropriate. Would you confront a teen at the park so your kids could play? Or would you just find a new park? -- MomLogic

Is too much information a terrible thing? Raina Kelley explains why she thinks a new green parenting book goes too far. -- Newsweek

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