Evian's Roller-Skating Babies Ad - Cute or Creepy?

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Confession: I'm not a fan of commercials that feature talking babies (think: E*TRADE) -- they freak me out, honestly. But I have to admit that Evian's roller-skating babies ad got to me. It also got to more than four million people on YouTube in the past week, which is impressive.

The video -- of 96 computer-animated infants roller-skating to a remix of the Sugarhill Gang's Rapper's Delight -- is mesmerizing. Something about babies in diapers and onesies doing sophisticated skate tricks and break-dancing moves just makes me smile. And yes, there's an element of creepy about these babies (that first one, leaning up against the boom box, is particularly weird to me), but it's hard to deny that the ad is eye-catching and, frankly, fun to watch.

Michael Aiden, Evian's worldwide brand manager, says that the company returned to the more fantasy-style ad because, "consumers expect more from a big brand..." And while we're impressed with the fancy water company's initiative, we think the real kudos should go to Evian's ad agency, BETC Euro RSCG, for coming up with the one-minute clip.

So is the ad cute or creepy? We polled people in our office, and they were split pretty much down the middle, although commenters at YouTube overwhelmingly find it cute. What do you think?

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