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Deciding who's in the delivery room is a big decision. Image:

Do you track baby's every feeding, diaper change, coo and gurgle? Yep, there's an iPhone app for that. -- Cool Mom Picks

When 11-year-old Logan Roberts when looking for a missing bottle in the woods, he didn't realized he'd come back a hero. Roberts found Ross Abinanti, a 63-year-old man -- suffering from dementia -- who'd been lost for 10 days. -- The Mommy Blog

You want a baby; he's not ready. How do you decide when the right time is to have a baby? And is there ever a perfect time to become a parent? -- CafeMom

One mom's dilemma: Who do I allow in the delivery room? May hospitals have a limit, but some don't. How did you decide who got to be there for the birth of your baby? -- MomLogic

The FDA -- concerned about overdosing -- may soon ban infant Tylenol. If they don't, here are tips for safely using it with your smallest children. -- On Parenting

Dad hopes she'll forget it about it, but Mom decides -- much to his dismay -- to eat the placenta after birth anyway. This seems like something that a couple should agree on first. -- Whoa, Momma!

Jon Gosselin is moving on: He was spotted with his new girlfriend -- daughter of the doctor who did Kate Gosselin's tummy tuck -- in France. -- Popeater

My husband loves to run and hopes his kids will too. Here are a few ways to get your kids into a pair of running shoes. -- That's Fit


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