Teacher Gives Sex Tape to Students

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Teacher begs students not to press play. Photo: sxc.hu

One teacher shared a memory of herself when she accidentally included a private sex scene on a DVD for the class.

To commemorate the past school year and say goodbye to her fifth grade class, Crystal Defanti, a teacher at Isabelle Jackson Elementary in Northern California, created a video keepsake for her students. Filled with candid classroom footage and students reminiscing, the video was a labor of love that probably took Defanti a great deal of time to put together.

Unfortunately, the teacher did not take quite enough time with the project. She failed to follow the golden rule of school work: Always check your work before handing it in. It turns out that in addition to happy school memories, the DVD included a six-second shot of the teacher -- having sex on a couch.

Defanti was unaware that her DVD gift included X-rated footage until a parent called to give her the news. She was understandably mortified and began making frantic calls begging parents to destroy their copies of the DVD.
"All she could say was that it was a horrible mix up," says a parent who received an hysterical and apologetic call from Defanti.

Usually, a story like this would end with an angry mob of parents calling for Defanti's swift termination. But parents have been surprisingly understanding and it is unlikely that she will lose her job.

Would you watch the video before you sent it to the shredder?

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