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Kids are dressing better than their parents. Photo:

Staying home and skipping that vacation to save money this summer? Here's a new clever name for your staycation (and some tips): Non Voyage! -- Lil Sugar

Remember that summertime favorite, Magic Shell? You pour it on ice cream and it instantly hardens, making that treat even sweeter. Now you can make your own at home -- and maybe even share a little with the kids. -- Alpha Mom

Do you dress your little girl in the latest fashions ... only to slip yourself into yoga pants and sneakers? One blogger asks mom to to take a closer look at why we put so much energy into dressing our daughters, but not ourselves. -- Babble

Summer's long days make it difficult to stick to the school day sleep schedule, but kids still need a good night's sleep. Find out if your child is catching enough zzzz's at BabyCenter.

Mira Sorvino and husband Backus welcome a son, Holden Paul Terry, their third child. -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Do you post your vacation plans on Twitter or Facebook? One Arizona man learned the hard way that not all followers are friends -- he got robbed. Is it safe to Tweet your trip away? -- MomLogic

Young kids notice everything, and they aren't afraid to point out what they see. But when a child starts pointing out personal info, like "You've got a big butt," where do you draw the line? -- Divine Caroline

We're halfway through the summer -- have you pulled out your copy of "Siblings Without Rivalry" yet? Risa Green is ready to. How do you handle bickering kids? -- Mommy Track'd


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