NYC Prep, Episode 4 - The Definition of Awkward

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What else could you expect from an episode entitled "The Virgin Talk"? This episode of "NYC Prep" begins with Sebastian and his friend, Gabe, walking to The Tank to see a private school band's concert. As they make their way there, they discuss Taylor, which inspires the Spicoli-looking Gabe to philosophize about the differences between public-school girls (emotional, like to post pictures on Facebook of themselves and their long-term boyfriends) and private-school girls (Jewish, don't care about dating exclusively).

NYC Prep

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    Camille, Kelli and Taylor.

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    Heidi Gutman, Bravo

They get to the club, and Taylor and Camille show up. Taylor is evasive and vague as usual, and Sebastian tries way too hard to get her attention by clumsily dancing with his tongue hanging out. Camille is amused. After the show, Sebastian walks off with Taylor wanting to know where he stands. Taylor doesn't want to talk about it, and she tells him Cole came to her gymnastic meet. Once Taylor reaches her destination, Sebastian moves in for a kiss, and is totally rejected by Taylor as she turns her cheek to him. Major fail, Sebastian.

Camille is out for coffee with her friend Maite, lamenting the fact that she hasn't had a boyfriend. She definitely wants one, but she has higher standards than Harvard's admission committee. Maite sighs and wishes Camille could loosen up and like guys for who they are. She tells Camille she needs to leave her clipboard with her checklist of qualifications home on the next date she has.

Cut to Camille's dinner date with Dan, one of PC's senior buddies. She becomes exasperated trying to find conversational topics other than whether or not she is enjoying herself. Her irritation increases as she discovers he is only into partying when it comes to college. He doesn't even know what he wants to major in - he'll figure it out once he's there. Camille realizes there is no way she's going to have a decent, intellectually-stimulating conversation with another hair-flipping party boy and ultimately says, "It's just a hook-up for me," as they get into a cab after dinner. What exactly she meant by that remark is unclear.

During a shopping spree the next day, Dan tells PC almost gleefully that Camille can get "a little nasty" and has a definite secret wild side, Camille tells Maite that the date was a train wreck and she was so glad she didn't kiss Dan or mess around with him. As she's describing the lame conversation, Maite comments that the date sounds stagnant, which is the perfect adjective for that rendezvous (besides awkward),. She then continues to ask Camille to not be so serious. What's she going to do - "go the Southern way and get married" at her young age? Of course, Camille would never be so gauche and do something that would totally derail her plans for the future, so she dismisses the whole thing and decides it's time for her to host a dinner party.

Kelli gets to Camille's party first and runs down with Camille who's attending. Kelli thinks that Taylor bringing Cole will be majorly awkward for Sebastian, but he turns up and is very nonchalant when he learns Cole will be there. There's no time to worry about it, though, because PC walks in, announcing "Hello children!" Kelli is annoyed but not surprised. Camille is none too pleased PC's friend Kat is there instead of Jessie because she desperately needs Jessie to get her into the Operation Smile charity circle. She is even more incensed when she realizes Jessie is most likely lying about being sick and emphasizes how rude it is to not call the hostess.

Camille needs to just stop worrying about proper dinner party etiquette because PC is ready to break every rule and starts by bringing up Dan. PC wants to know all the details, but Camille just says they had nothing to talk about, which bores PC. Taylor and Cole walk in, and PC crudely announces, "There's the mf!*" and furthers the uncomfortable atmosphere by pointing at Sebastian and telling Cole that he and Taylor have hooked up. Cole keeps his cool, much to PC"s dismay, as does Sebastian. PC isn't finished with being a provocateur and wants to know who is still a virgin. Not waiting for an answer, he says they all are. Camille is once again exasperated about the inappropriate dinner conversation. To lighten the mood, Kelli starts babbling about something that happened in the seventh grade and her birthday, which inspires PC to ask when her bat mitzvah will be. Kelli is infuriated. This might be the most awkward dinner party in NYC.

The day after the party, Jessie appears at Dean & Deluca to meet PC for coffee. PC doesn't show, but Camille does and confronts Jessie as to why she didn't come to her party. Jessie claims she had bronchitis. Camille moves on to how horrible PC's behavior was, which greatly amuses Jessie because it's no surprise to her what a jerk PC can be. Later, Camille meets PC at the Museum of Natural History and demands an apology from him. She lets him know that Kelli is furious over the bat mitzvah comment. PC apologizes to Camille but says sarcastically in his confessional that it "devastates me tremendously." Kelli has no patience for PC's supposed apology and asks if wearing tight pants and saying "darling" is what maturity is all about.

Jessie finally has a chance to harangue PC over standing her up - she's a bit frightening. PC blows it off, claiming that all Jessie wants to do is start drama. The conversation turns to the infamous dinner party, and PC tells her that they should start hanging out with Taylor because he wants to assist the budding arriviste in her quest for society domination. Jessie calls that a "project" - PC argues Taylor is more of a "charity case," which amuses Jessie.

Taylor and Sebastian meet to discuss why things are awkward. They blessedly end their relationship, and Taylor feels rejected by his saying they are only acquaintances, not friends. In her confessional, she warns other girls away from him, comparing him to Medusa.

Stay tuned for next week when Taylor's grades are falling, Camille and Jessie have a bitch battle, and PC heads down "the long road to f*ville."

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