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thumb suck

Does thumb sucking need to be "cured?" Photo: Peter Skadberg,

Register for baby, win a Wii for yourself! Between now and September 15th, parents who register for baby gifts at Babies 'R Us or Toys 'R Us -- and include select Wii or Nintendo products on that registry -- will be entered to win one of 10 Wii or Nintendo DS prizes. --

Pregnancy is definitely different the second time around -- just as special, but different. Veteran moms share the lessons the learned during their first pregnancy, and how it affected their second. -- The Cradle

Taking care of kids is challenging enough. Taking care of kids while also taking care of your parents, well, that deserves a reward. is recognizing six selfless caregivers with a new contest. To nominate your favorite caregiver, visit their website before October 15th.

Shh ... don't tell the kids. But some people think we should actually do away with summer vacation and send the kids to school all year long. What would your kids think? -- Motherlode

Do you have any Momfinitions -- you know, words that catchy words that describe a parenting moment (like booty call: when a toddler calls you from the bathroom to tell you that they need help wiping). If you can write five, you've got a chance to win cash in ParentConnect's Momfinitions contest. -- The Mommy Blog

Thumb sucking -- can it be defeated? Here's the bigger question: Does it really need to be? Where do you stand on the thumb sucking/pacifier issue? -- On Parenting

For every mom who's ever caught vomit in her bare hands ... because it's better than cleaning it up off the rug, this is for you: Things that make you go eww. -- Work It, Mom!

Parents at a local park got tired of the paps hounding Heidi Klum and her kids, so they told their kids to attack the photographers with water balloons. It worked -- the crowd and the Klum family left. -- Strollerderby

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