Woman With Two Wombs Gives Birth

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Miracle baby Mirela at home with her parents. Photo: Whitehot Pix/ZUMA Press

Like many couples, Lindsay Hasaj and her husband Tony spent months trying to conceive, with no luck. When the 27-year-old suddenly had an odd pain in her belly, she feared an ectopic pregnancy, a dangerous condition where a fetus grows outside the womb.

Hasaj was half right; she was, in fact, pregnant. But instead of an ectopic pregnancy, the routine sonogram of her abdomen showed that the young woman from Britain had two wombs, a condition called uterus didelphys.

According to the Daily Mail, "eight in 10,000 women in the UK have some form of the condition, only one in a million has Mrs Hasaj's exact internal anatomy, which is a double womb, double cervix and double vagina."

Given these abnormalities, it was considered nearly impossible that Hasaj, who works in financial sales, would bring a live baby into the world. To keep the odds in her favor, Hasaj underwent sonograms every two weeks. Despite the daily anxiety and sleepless nights filled with worry, Hasaj gave birth to Mirela Elizabeth, a healthy baby girl who weighed in at 6 lbs., 3 oz. and was delivered by Cesarean section.

Lindsay Hasaj's rare medical condition made it difficult for her to bear a child. Photo: Whitehotpix/ZUMA Press

"I'm still in a state of disbelief and Tony and I never thought we would get this far. It's fantastic," says the new mom. Bringing her home was the most wonderful experience that no words in any language can explain. It was just massive amounts of tears of joy and relief."

The new mom and baby are home in Finchely, North London, with Hasaj's parents pitching in to help care for the miraculous newborn. The first-time parents have not ruled out the idea of giving baby Mirela a sibling one day down the line.


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