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Grandparents have their own lives, and sometimes it doesn't include their grandkids. CREDIT: Mee Lin Woon, sxc.hu

It might be summer, but in the northern states, there hasn't been a lot of beach weather this year. Here's how to handle a summer birthday party that gets rained out. -- Alpha Mom

Most grandparents look forward to the arrival of the next generation, but what happens when they don't? Read more about absentee grandparents. -- Babble

Minnie Driver, talking about her son Henry, 10 months: "I'm a single mom, [but] his dad is amazing and in his life. I don't feel alone. Babies attract love...They attract people who love them."

One dad wonders how to handle his kids' whining, especially their use of the word "hate." How do you deal with complaining kids? -- MomLogic

Euna Lee, currently in captivity in a North Korean labor camp, sent an urgent message to her husband: Remember to sign (their daughter) up for summer camp! It's a poignant reminder that a mom is a mom, no matter her circumstances. -- Motherlode

Priscilla and Katie Churcher are sisters married to the same man. So are they considered sisters? Or sisters-in-law? -- Lemondrop

A teacher is fired after being accused of caring about her own kids more than her students. Teachers are supposed to be dedicated, but this school district seems to be asking too much. What do you think? -- Whoa, Momma!

Oh no, it's raining again. Don't pop another movie into the DVD player, check out one of these cool rainy day crafts instead. -- Cool Mom Picks


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