Brangelina's Twins Turn 1 - But Where Are They?

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Last week, Hollywood's hottest twins celebrated a big milestone: Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt celebrated their first birthday with a family-only bash that included mom Angelina Jolie and dad Brad Pitt, siblings Maddox, 7, Pax, 5, Zahara, 4, and Shiloh, 3, and Pitt's parents Bill and Jane. Each twin had a cake, baked by the older Jolie-Pitt kids.

Jolie-Pitt Clan

    First Family of Hollywood
    Fans went wild as they caught a first-time glimpse of the A-list couple with all six kids in tow -- Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh, Pax and the twins Knox (carried by Pitt) and Vivienne (with Jolie). The family came together for the January 2009 Japanese premiere of "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button."

    Getty Images

    Girls' Day Out
    Zahara and Shiloh enjoy a shopping trip with mom Angelina Jolie in New York in February 2008. They look like typical little girls -- comfortable and warm and ready for fun with their mom.


    Angelina Supports Clint Eastwood
    Angie attended the December 2008 premiere of "Gran Torino" to applaud her pal Clint Eastwood who directed the movie. She showed up looking laid-back in nude heels, black pants and a gray crewneck sweater.

    Getty Images

    Stepping Out
    In late 2008 Angelina and Brad graced the West Coast premiere of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" at Mann's Theatre in Westwood. Angie rocked a sophisticated black, strapless Versace grown with Ralph Lauren gold earrings and Brad showed off a mustache he grew for his upcoming film, "Inglourious Basterds."

    Getty Images

    Junk Food Rules
    Angelina was spotted in New Orleans in October 2008 with Shiloh, Pax, and Zahara. Ange wore a flowing black sundress and ballet flats and held Shiloh while Pax and Zahara played together. Later that day, the press pounced on the famous mom for letting her kids eat Cheetoes.

    Chris Wolf, FilmMagic

    Hello, Twins!
    In August 2008, the power couple granted an exclusive interview to "HELLO!," revealing details on their new life with twins Knox and Vivienne. "It is chaos," said Jolie on life at the Chateau Miraval in Provence. "But we are managing it and having a wonderful time." Dad Brad said, "Viv is proving to resemble Ange in spirit, attitude and physicality... And Knox, he's a bit of me."

    Getty Images

    Angelina's Controversy
    The November 2008 issue of "W" made waves when a smiling--and breastfeeding--Angelina graced its black and white cover. As a result, the photo inspired more new mothers to breast-feed, according to officials from various breast-feeding support organizations.

    Shopping for Baby Clothes
    While in France for the 2008 Cannes Film Festival Shiloh, Zahara, and Brad hit up children's clothing boutique Bonpoint. A source told, "They had the shop to themselves so they weren't interrupted by other customers. Maddox was running around, ducking under rails and looking at clothes."

    Lionel Cironneau, AP

    Brad Gets Busy
    Brad Pitt took a stroll with Pax and Maddox at the 2008 Venice Film Festival. Angelina's better half was in Italy for a "Burn After Reading" premiere, and a charity dinner for the humanitarian group "Not On Our Watch" which he hosted with old friend and "Ocean's 13" costar George Clooney.

    George Pimentel,

    Brad Rocks Out
    In June, just a few months before the arrival of his new twins, Brad Pitt took Maddox to the Italian Grand Prix at Mugello. The famous father was also seen that month dancing at a Radiohead concert.

    Claudio Giovannini, AFP / Getty

Absent from the festivities were all the other Hollywood kids that one would expect the Jolie-Pitts to hang out with, and -- more noticeably -- the media. In fact, Knox and Vivienne haven't been seen in public since January, which has lead to speculations about their health. "Life & Style" spoke to "an insider close to the family" and learned that both babies have health problems; Knox reportedly spits up after every feeding, while Vivienne has allergies and is underweight. Pitt and Jolie have reportedly taken the babies to for genetic testing, and have been keeping them hidden away for safety reasons. "Because of their delicate state, Knox and Vivienne need to be kept away from anything they could possibly be allergic to," the source told "Life & Style." "That's a lot easier to do when they're home and in a controlled environment."

So how worried should be we be about the littlest of Brangelina's brood? Not much, probably. There are some very good reasons why Brad and Angie might choose not to parade the twins in front of the press. If the babies do have health issues -- and honestly, reflux and allergies are pretty common these days, even in non-Hollywood tots -- then the family friend quoted in "Life & Style" is right on the money: It's easier to manage even a mild health condition in a baby with a controlled environment.

But there may be another issue here, about family life and privacy. The other Jolie-Pitt kids are rarely seen by the press, and when they are, it is most often when they're out and about with their parents. Brad and Angelina seem to have found a nice middle ground between their own superstardom and their family life, and it involves keeping the kids away from the paparazzi as much as possible. So of course they've kept the babies under wraps -- babies don't need to be in tabloids, even if they are the babies of famous people.

What do you think -- are Brad and Angle hiding their tots because something is terribly wrong, or are they just letting the babies be babies and not media magnets?
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