Dad Lets 11-year-old Son Drive, Gets Arrested

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Baby you can drive my car - would you let your kid drive?

Would you let your kid drive your car? Photo:

Las Vegas area father Eusebio Aguilar is in trouble with the law after he let his 11-year-old son drive home from the grocery store. Police say that Aguilar "may have just been too drunk to drive." He was arrested on suspicion of DUI and charged with child endangerment along with failure to show proof of insurance. His son, Jonathan Aguilar, is "confused" about why his pop was arrested. Jonathan told KTNV-13 Action News that his father didn't force him to take the wheel, and that the trip was just a "harmless driving lesson" with dad "in control of the vehicle at all times."

With a story like this, the devil is in the details. If Mr. Aguilar was in fact driving while intoxicated, that's a very serious crime, but if he was only showing his son how to drive, is that just as bad? Didn't our dads let us take the wheel every now and then, just for fun? We asked some dads if they would let their little guys drive at that age, and if their own fathers did the same when they were young.

Edward from Staten Island was very clear: "I would never let my 11 year old drive....period. My father didn't let me drive until I was 18 and getting ready to take the test." Clark University professor and playwright Gino DiIorio agreed: "I would never let my kid drive a car underage. My father barely let me drive the car when I was of age." And a Los Angeles father named David had this to say: "My dad wouldn't let me look at his car at that age. My children won't drive until they are 50." Only one dad we spoke with, Jonathan, said that he might be willing to let his kid drive before the legal age of 16, but only "somewhere on a back road with an old beatup car."

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