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Should teens work or concentrate on their studies? Photo Credit: quinn.anya, Flickr

Any mother who's ever hovered nearby during a clumsy toddler's first swim will know what this seal mom is going through. Cute! -- Lemondrop

Summer fun: The Brooklyn Cyclones hosted a "baseball and bellies" night, inviting pregnant women to a pre-game Lamaze class and serving pickles, ice cream and pizza. -- LilSugar

As if food labels weren't confusing enough, now there's a food rating system. Not sure how to decipher all the numbers on your kids' favorite cereal box? That's Fit has some tips.

Momversation wants to know: Should teens work to "earn their keep" or get employment experience, or does an after school/summer job interfere with school work and extracurricular activities?

A contraception study finds that the withdrawal method is just as reliable as condoms for birth control. Would you risk it? -- Motherlode

Parents need to squeeze every minute they can out of a day. What's your preferred method -- get up early or stay up late? -- Work It, Mom!

They share a marriage, a home, a child ... and a girlfriend. Jenny Block talks about how opening up her marriage also saved it. -- AOL Health

Going green starts early -- immediately after birth, even, with these green baby tips. -- The Cradle

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