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Daily Cutie

    No bath time tears for this doll! Thanks to 小旺旺的媽 for this shot.

    小旺旺的媽, Flickr

    These cheeks are perfectly edible. Thanks to Temporary Madness for this darling photo.

    Temporary Madness, Flickr

    Looking for her own miniature Gene Kelly? Thanks to Carri and Brain for uploading this photo to our Flickr pool.

    Carri and Brian, Flickr

    The brightly-colored slide perfectly complements this little ray of sunshine. Thanks to Jeymatt for this adorable shot.

    Jeymatt, Flickr

    We don't think this cutie wanted to get out of the bath! Thanks to photon tamer for this cute capture.

    photon tamer, Flickr

    Absolutely too cute for words. Thanks to Greg Gladman for this beautiful portrait.

    Greg Gladman, Flickr

    We pretty much covet this hairstyle. What a sweet little tot, Jeymatt!

    Jeymatt, Flickr

    Making a wish for summer to never end. Thanks to nkpix for this charming shot.

    nkpix, Flickr

    Just on the water's edge. Thanks to Annacdotes for the lovely photo.

    Annacdotes, Flickr

    Looks like this one is mesmerized by the waves. Thanks to AndreAnnaRose for this beautiful portrait.

    AndreAnnaRose, Flickr

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