Warren Buffett, Martha Stewart, Gisele Bundchen Do Kids' Web Programming

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New Kids' Programming to Premiere on AOL

It's been said for years: Kids are maturing faster than ever before. Now, to make them even more connected to the grown-up world, some of the most iconic personalities are producing a series of educational web-isodes designed to upgrade children's sophistication level. Billionaire investor Warren Buffett, domestic diva Martha Stewart, along with supermodel Gisele Bundchen are on board to teach youngsters about high finance, household maintenance, and the environment, respectively. The shows will premiere on AOL websites, beginning this fall, followed by wider web distribution.

In Buffett's cartoon, "Secret Millionaires Club," the uber-capitalist mentors kids as they take on business adventures.

The instructions were to "make me look like George Clooney," joked Buffett in a televised interview earlier today.

"Little Martha," a working title, features a tween Stewart running an event-planning company from her tricked-out treehouse.

For her part, Bundchen, in "Gigi & The Green Team," is a supermodel by day and an environmental superhero after hours.

A fourth series, Kosmos, has the late Carl Sagan teaching science with action-adventure in space.

Do you teach your children about investing and caring for a home?
No, not at all. 13 (14.4%)
I only teach them investing strategies.3 (3.3%)
I only teach them how to care for our home.25 (27.8%)
I teach them both.49 (54.4%)


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