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Welcome to the weekend! Here is a roundup of what's new in entertainment as adapted from reviews and ratings by Common Sense Media. Click on the links to read the reviews in full.

The Tigger Movie DVDFeeling out of place and unappreciated by his pals, Tigger begins searching for his long lost family in "The Tigger Movie." On his quest to find Tiggers that look like him, he ignores his friends and becomes lost in the woods. Will his search lead him away from the Hundred Acre Wood? Or will he discover the true meaning of family? Rated G, OK for Kids 3+

Fans of reality dating shows will find "More to Love" in this new show hosted by former plus-size supermodel Emme. While the concept doesn't stray from the formula that made "The Bachelor" such a hit, the show gets a twist with plus-sized women vying for the heart of a "husky hunk" bachelor. The show strives to send a positive message about inner beauty, but loses points by displaying each contestant's height and weight along with her age and occupation. Rated TV-PG, Iffy for Kids 13-15

Notes from the DogA lonely boy who only wants to read his books and avoid other human beings makes an unexpected friend when a cancer patient moves in next door. Despite the seriousness of that detail, "Notes From the Dog" by Gary Paulsen is an uplifting look at friendship and the joys of being alive. OK for Kids 10+

On her latest single, "She Wolf," hip-shaking Shakira sings about cheating on her lover to get his attention. The lyrics are fairly tame but the message is clear: Sex and dishonesty can be powerful tools in a romantic relationship. OK for Kids 14+

"TweenWorld" is just what is sounds like: A site for kids on the cusp of their teen years. It aims to inform with tips on healthy living and advice on everything from planning a party to taking care of pets. The site is kid safe but has a long way to go before achieving its goal of becoming the "ultimate online resource for tweens." OK for Kids 8+

Wii Sports ResortIf your family has grown bored with "Wii Sports", take it to the next level with "Wii Sports Resort". With 12 new categories of games including archery, Frisbee and wake boarding, every member of the family is likely to find a favorite. The package comes bundled with the new Wii MotionPlus remote and the games can be enjoyed alone or as a family. Rated E, OK for Kids 8+

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