Japanese Trend: Pregnancy Photos

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pregnant belly

Would you take a naked photo of your pregnant self? Credit: Photodisc

Girls gone ... preggers?

These women are naked, but they're not posing for sleazy videos. More like the family album.

For some Japanese women, it has become fashionable to immortalize their pregnancy with nude portrait shots, according to Reuters News Service.

However, the portraits are strictly private. In the land of the sumo wrestler, a big tummy can be a big turn on. Such a turn on that three years ago the Japanese government demanded the removal of a subway poster featuring a nude and pregnant Britney Spears because, they said, it might arouse male commuters. No drooling on the platform, please.

Yomiko Yoda is not interested in becoming a subway poster. She gave birth to a son on July 19 and has nude photos documenting her pregnancy, but they're only for home display.

"Whenever I see these pictures, I can recall how I looked and how happy I was when I was pregnant," she told Reuters. "This moment will not come back to me, and these pictures are for my own enjoyment."

Have you ever posed nude?
Yes! 2962 (33.1%)
Maybe, maybe not. I'm not telling.890 (9.9%)
No, but I would.2202 (24.6%)
No. I just don't think it's right.2907 (32.4%)

Still, it might have been a nude celebrity that touched off this trend. The Japanese pop singer Hitomi posed nude when she was pregnant and the image showed up on Tokyo billboards to promote her new album last June. A subsequent photo book sold some 10,000 copies during its first week of publication.

"When I opened my studio for maternity photos last year, we had less than 10 customers per month," photographer Natsuko Takada told Reuters. "But last month we had 70 customers." At Takada's studio, the price for such photos is around 35,000 yen, which is equivalent to about $368.

Celebrating the naked pregnant body is nothing new, of course. American artist Alice Neel painted a series of portraits of naked, pregnant women, including her own daughter-in-law.

'I thought the whole picture of woman without pregnancy is trivial," Keel said. "It's treating woman as sex object.

"But you know, sex results in something."

As for me, I don't even like being photographed in shorts, so I'm wondering if this is an American trend. Your thoughts?

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