No Baby Shoes, No Restaurant Service

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No shoes, no shirt, no service. That means you, baby.

A six-month-old infant was told that she and her little piggies had to stay home. At least, they couldn't show themselves at Burger King in Sunset Hills, Mo.

The child, her mother and grandmother were told to leave because the manager said the little girl's bare tootsies posed a "health hazard," according to a report by Fox News in St. Louis.

Mother Jennifer Frederich said she told the restaurant manager that little Kaylin's feet are clean, since she's too young to walk or do anything that could get them dirty. The whole thing was mystifying, she said.

What brought the family to the fast-food joint was an outing of about two dozen members of their church youth group, who were heading to Rock the River, a Christian concert, under St. Louis' Gateway Arch, when they stopped off.

Frederich said she tried to put socks on Kaylin to placate the manager, but he still threatened to call the police. Everyone ate quickly and left, she said.

"I think they [Burger King staffers] need to understand it's a baby," she said. "They're not going to be walking around in their dirty, nasty feet."

No one at the local Burger King nor the corporate headquarters would comment on the incident. Frederich said that even if wanted to comply she couldn't since she hasn't purchased any shoes for her infant daughter yet.

So, what is the right age to put shoes on a child?

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