Obama Baby Boom Didn't Deliver

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A predicted Obama baby boom is turning out to be a bust. Credit: Getty Images

What were you doing on election night?

President Barack Obama probably expected that he'd have to deliver on issues like health care, the economy and foreign relations. But a baby boom, too?

If images of couples embracing and kissing after Obama's historic election are any indication, the president's win put people in a romantic mood. Observers covering the celebrations projected a baby boom would accompany the historic election, based on statistical evidence that people in their child-bearing years tended to vote Democratic, according to MSNBC.com.

Yet here we are nine months later and there's no sign of a baby boom.

Tales of baby booms following one night of revelry, or a blackout or snowstorm, tend to be hyperbole, explained Dr. S. Philip Morgan, a Duke University professor of sociology and demography. "The effect has to push everyone in the same direction," he said.

The split of the popular vote 52-48 in Obama's favor indicates that almost half of the country was not feeling up for a party on the night of his election, which would help squelch a chance at a baby boom. Similarly, for every person who decides to procreate on the night of a snowstorm, another person is stranded alone at an office.

While one-night events usually don't change how many babies are born, MSNBC.com points out that, "a major, sustained event" can effect the birth rate. When World War II ended, soldiers returned home and started families, the story points out, while hurricanes lead to fewer births.

Although a boom hasn't happened yet, some Obama supporters remain hopeful. After all, MSNBC.com reminds us, Obama was born in August 1961, nine months after John F. Kennedy was elected.

Which leads us to ask, were YOU conceived on an election night?

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