Driver Finds Toddler in Busy Intersection

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busy highway

An Ohio toddler wandered into a busy road. Credit: Jupiterimages

How young is too young to babysit? One mother who asked her 9-year-old daughter to watch her little brother found out the hard way.

A 14-month-old boy was found crawling in the middle of a busy Ohio intersection after wandering out of his house when a construction worker there left the door open.

Rachel Downey was driving to work in the Cleveland suburb of South Euclid when she spotted the boy, hit her brakes and jumped out of her car to rescue him. He was "smack in the middle of the street," she told the Associated Press.

The boy's mother asked her 9-year-old daughter to take the baby downstairs and put him in a playpen, according to South Euclid Police Lt. Jeff Meyers on WHIO-TV. Instead, the girl put him on a couch. The toddler spotted the open door and took off.

Good Samaritan Downey carried the child up his driveway, Meyers said, and his sister came running outside, crying and saying that the boy was her brother.

Authorities said that the boy's mother was clearly "very upset" about the incident, and that it looks like a simple case of a curious toddler looking for an adventure. However, the incident is under investigation and the family waits to see if any charges will be filed.

Neighbor Victoria Thomas said the incident could have happened to any parent, and that her heart goes out to the family.

"If you're a parent, I'm sure it's happened to you before," said Thomas, and added that her neighbor is a good mom. "I believe it was an accident."

Accidents happen, but how old should kids be before they're left in charge of their younger siblings?

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