5-Year-Old Hero Calls 911, Saves Mom

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Tahlique Garay

Five-year-old Tahlique Garay called 911 when his mom collapsed. Credit: Todd Maisel, New York Daily News

While many five-year-olds are still perfecting skills like tying their shoelaces, Tahlique Garay was mastering a different skill: saving his mother's life.

When his pregnant mother collapsed onto the floor, the rising first grader stayed calm and called 911 -- what he had been taught to do if Jennifer Garay ever got sick.

"My mom was on the floor so I called 911," Garay told the New York Daily News. "I wanted to help her."

According to the newspaper, Garay told the emergency operator that his "mommy, um, passed out a little bit." He told the operator his age, gave his , Queens address and even remembered important medical information, "My mommy gets seizures."

Ambulances arrived minutes later and EMTs revived Garay, who is due to give birth to a little girl next month.

Garay first taught her son about 911 after a seizure. "I didn't want to scare him but I had to tell him what to do if I got sick," she told the NYDN, saying that her son "did everything right."

Tahlique was sworn in as a "Junior Paramedic" by Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta at a ceremony at FDNY Headquarters Wednesday.

Having an emergency plan is key in situations like this. The Department of Homeland Security stresses the importance of sitting down and with your children and creating a family emergency plan in the event of a disaster. 911 For Kids also has helpful tips for teaching your children about 911 and when to use it.

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