Euna Lee's Daughter Worries Mommy Will Leave Again

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Euna Lee

Reporter Euna Lee is reunited with her husband Michael Saidate and daughter Hana. Credit: Robin Beck, AFP/Getty Images

The story of American journalist Euna Lee's imprisonment in a North Korean jail meant many things to many people. Most importantly, her daughter.

For political pundits, Lee was a symbol of the increasingly antagonistic relationship between the United States and North Korea.

For journalists, she was a hero for braving the unknown to get a good story.

But for Lee's four-year-old daughter, Hana, she was simply a mommy who went to the airport for work and didn't come home. A week after her release, Lee has written a thank you letter on Facebook that describes life since her return and the affect of her absence on Hana.

"I am slowly fulfilling the wish list that I made in North Korea one item at a time," the 36-year-old mom wrote in the letter, which appeared on

Lee is finally able to dance and jump with Hana and brush her daughter's hair -- all the things she dreamed of during her five-month incarceration with fellow journalist Laura Ling, reports That Lee would be dreaming of making scrambled eggs with her daughter should come as no surprise, considering Lee endeared herself to mothers everywhere when, in July, she sent a message to her husband from jail reminding him to sign up Hana for summer school.

While her time home has been filled with the simpler pleasures of motherhood, Hana has revealed new found insecurities. "If you don't listen, mommy will go to the airport," Lee heard the little girl tell one of the family cats. Lee candidly admitted that Hana will take some time to trust that her mother won't disappear again.

For all of us who have fantasized about escaping the drudgery of the everyday, let Lee serve as a reminder that dancing and jumping with your child is the stuff that makes for a full life.

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