Judge Grants Three-Year-Old-Boy Motorcycle License in India

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Azeem Khan

Baby biker Azeem Khan, 3, has been awarded a special motorcycle license by judges in New Delhi, India. Credit: EuroPics/CEN

The littlest leader of the pack. Vroom, vroom, now go to your room.

Judges in India have granted a three-year-old boy a special motorcycle driving license, reports Ananova.com. The only restriction is that the boy cannot drive alone on busy roads. All the preschooler had to do was prove he could handle the high-powered Royal Enfield Bullet, an easy task once his father added extensions onto the controls.

"He is much safer than most adult drivers I know," said the proud papa. "One day he will be a professional racer for sure."

Enfield Royal Bullet enthusiasts report going as fast as 70 to 90 mph on their bikes. There is no way that a toddler can understand the consequences of such power. In fact, scientists have found that even teenagers who start driving at 16 are physically incapable of quick-thinking responses necessary to avoid car crashes, according to the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. Hence, higher teen-crash rates.

The boy's father is probably proud of his son's early skills. What parent hasn't busted his or her buttons when a child demonstrates surprising advances? But when children are incapable of exercising good judgment, the parent must. I only hope this father realizes that indulging his son's -- or his own -- fantasies of being a professional racer at such a young age can ultimately do more harm than good.

And while we're on the subject, we recently reported that school children in southern India risked their lives by allowing motorcycles to drive over their body parts at a school celebration. Reportedly, the kids' parents pressured the school to host the stunts and sanctioned their children's participation. Local officials eventually called off the dangerous antics and have since banned kids from participating in future stunts.

Are you into motorcycles? If so, at what point will you involve your kids?

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