Tweeting During Labor: Too Much 411

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Is tweeting during labor the ultimate in mommy multi-tasking?

Sara Williams, wife of Twitter CEO, Evan Williams, tweeted updates for her followers while in labor all the way up to finally getting her epidural shot. Dad took over to tweet the birth. OK, maybe Sara had a small publicity motive, but she's not the only mom out there tweeting through contractions. CNN did a story on the trend and one mom described demanding her blackberry between contractions. She explained her need to put her pain "out there" in the universe, so other people could feel it along with her.

In the same CNN story, a New York dad, Kyle Monson, said,"We were on our iPhone and Blackberry right up until the point when my wife started pushing, and then we had to put those phones down."

I can see why moms with parents and friends who live far away say that these up-to-the-minute tweets help to shrink the miles between them, but I also understand why others say it's too much 411. Especially since most people tweet to a list of followers that includes casual acquaintances and even strangers.

Psychologist Renana Brooks told CNN that she's concerned with the trend and the idea of couples texting rather than being focused on each other.

"One of the few rituals we have in terms of giving each other undivided attention, is that time in a delivery room," she said. "To be spending time writing to someone else destroys the whole ritual."

I agree and that's why you would never catch me tweeting during labor. I can barely force myself to be nice to the people around me (including my husband) in the birthing room, let alone think of something uncensored to tweet to my friends and family in cyberworld.

I can, however, very easily imagine my husband tweeting during my labor. After all, I've seen him chat up the doctor about real estate while I was in the middle of a painful contraction, and even take unflattering pictures of me pushing, which I later discovered he later posted along with a picture of our new daughter on our family website, much to my absolute horror.

My husband has enough trouble dealing with a crabby wife in pain who doesn't seem to think he can do anything right in the labor room. Tweeting would just one more thing to annoy me.

Are you with me on this?

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