Boy Saves Family From House Fire

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An 11-year-old Chicago boy saved his family from a fire. Credit: Jupiterimages

An 11-year-old Chicago boy saved his family from a devastating house fire when he carried his 2-year-old god-sister out of the house and then ran back inside to alert other members of his family to the danger.

Adonis Bell woke up at 3:30 a.m. when he noticed heavy black smoke in his bedroom, and went to the kitchen where he saw orange flames and a hole in the ceiling above the stove.

This heroic fifth-grader knew just what to do.

"A fireman came to our school," the boy told the Chicago Sun-Times. "Get myself and everybody out. He told us not to grab any stuff. Just get out."

Adonis woke his mother, who told him to get his 2-year-old god-sister, Jordan Hobbs, out of the house. He ran to her room, woke the sleeping girl, threw her over his shoulder fireman-style, and carried her to safety.

He placed the girl's hand on a nearby chain-link fence and told her to stay put. Then, barefoot and wearing only a tank top and sweatpants, he ran back inside the burning house to wake his aunt.

After rousing his aunt, Adonis ran to a neighbor's house, pounded on the door until someone answered, and called 911.

Adonis' actions saved not only his god-sister, but also his mother, brother, grandmother, sister and aunt. The entire family watched the house go up in flames, the fire melting the vinyl siding on the house next door and sending two firefighters to the hospital with heat-related injuries.

"Thirty years of life in that home and it was gone in a puff of smoke," Adonis' grandmother, Karen Bell, said. "It's a tragedy, but we can buy a couch or chairs instead of five or six caskets and grave plots."

She added that the family was alive thanks to her grandson's cool head and quick thinking.

"Adonis has been a blessing to us," Bell said. "He was able to think rationally when most people, most children, would panic and just run out of the house themselves. He saved our lives. All of our lives."

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