Where's The Dad?

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Who's in charge at home?

If recent ads from Walmart and Target are to be believed, it's all Mom, all the time.

Jezebel has a review of four recent ads from the two big retailers. And they ask a fair question: Where's Dad?

The Walmart commercials are about kids moving into their college dorms. Jez charitably wonders if Walmart is "targeting single moms," before wondering if the more likely scenario is that the big W is assuming that "taking care of kids' college furnishings - like making dinner - is a woman's job?"

For proof of a lack of dadditude, here's the ad.

The two Target ads do include menfolk, but they appear to be available only to watch television or for some necking -- provided the woman doesn't have stinky breath.

Not all companies pretend that Dad has no involvement in the parenting process. A few years ago, Jif Peanut Butter updated its classic slogan "Choosy Moms Choose Jif" to "Choosy Moms, and Dads, Choose Jif", at least for some of its ads.

"We didn't change the slogan, per se," Maribeth Badertscher, a spokesperson for Smuckers, the owners of Jif, told ParentDish."We have different commercials that we've aired. Our company is all about family mealtime. Whatever you consider your family to be, our brands play a very important role in that."

One ad that features a male parent is this one. Dad is building his little girl a treehouse. So she makes him a PB&J.

Jif's web site also has a section called "Mom Advisor". Maybe Dad is choosing Jif, but he certainly isn't making sandwiches with it.

The sketch comedy troupe Quiet Library has a different take on what Dad chooses -- vodka. Hey, at least he's spending time with his kid.

What do you think? Are these advertisers out of touch? Or are they right that it's all Mom, all the time?

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