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Looking for healthy school lunch suggestions? Look no further. Credit: tiffanywashko, Flickr

Virtual Valium. Hubby is dropping hints that he wants to add to your tribe, but you're not interested in another bout of morning sickness and bulging veins. Not to mention the whole labor thing. Have your husband watch along as British musical-comedian Helen Austin puts an end to the debate in "Childbirth Song."

Crib Sheet. Scratch lunch off your list of back-to-school anxieties thanks to the Crunchy Domestic Goddess, a blogger who offers tips and delicious recipes for packing eco-friendly and healthy lunches for kids. We're sure Junior won't want to trade no-bake chewy chocolate chip granola bars for a boring candy bar. Did you take note of the "no-bake" part?

Trends. Pink princess wallpaper covered in Jonas Brothers posters is just one sign your child has entered the nebulous pre-tween years. There's no "What to Expect" installment for dealing with your newly moody and insecure kids who are still too young to be tweens, says Mommy Track'd columnist Risa Green. So what are you supposed to do when your son suddenly refuses to be seen in public with you? Hold your breath until high school.

Contest. The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards is accepting applications until November from children in grades 5-12 who have performed community service in the last year. National winners can win as much as $5,000 for themselves and $5,000 for the charity of their choice. Check out the contest site for more deadline and application information.

Thumbs Up. Parents who choose SIGG stainless steel bottles for their children over plastic vessels have something to cheer about. In the wake of a controversial Canadian study claiming BPA-free plastic bottles contain traces of the potentially harmful chemical, SIGG disclosed that the material used to form the inner bottle liners has been BPA-free since August 2008, according to a letter from the CEO posted on the company's website. Prior to that, the liners contained trace amounts of BPA, but no leaching or migration of BPA was found during testing. SIGG even posted pictures of the liners so you can identify which version you have. Kudos to the Swiss-based company for addressing the concerns of parents directly, especially when the issues surrounding BPA are anything but clear.


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