Parents Get Married At Son's Funeral

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A 7-year-old boy always wished his parents were legally married. They finally fulfilled his wish -- at his funeral.

Asa Hill died a day after being in a fiery six-vehicle crash Thursday on the Niagara Thruway in upstate New York.

The Associated Press reported that this boy's parents, Amilcar Hill and Rahwa Ghirmatizion, surprised the hundreds of people who packed the child's funeral Monday by getting married during the service. They said it had been their son's wish for a long time.

Amilcar Hill told The Buffalo News Thursday night that he and his family were "hoping for a miracle" but "planning for reality" after rescuers took his critically injured son to Women and Children's Hospital in Buffalo.

Other victims in the accident included Amilcar Hill's father and 6-year-old brother. Amilcar's father, 55-year-old Michael E. Hill of Buffalo, suffered several broken ribs and possibly a collapsed lung. He remains at Eerie County Medical Center.

Amilcar Hill's brother, Tshanolo Hill, was treated for minor injuries. The two young boys spent a lot of time together, Hill said, so his brother was allowed to visit his son's bedside.

The Rev. Joel Miller, the Unitarian minister who presided over both the wedding and funeral, said the wedding ceremony honored young Asa Hill's spirit.

"He was a powerful presence -- direct, smart, and had a way of bringing people together," Miller told CNN.

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