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We all make mistakes. Some of us make them in public.

Today we share with you two people who really should have known better.

First up -- Orange County Register columnist Mark Whicker, who decided to weigh in on the Jaycee Dugard tragedy. Did Mark express his shock at the fact that Jaycee was hidden for so long? Sympathy for her family perhaps?

Nah. He pointed out all of the big sporting events she missed out on while in captivity. Important things like, "Some baseball players began taking drugs in order to hit more home runs." And, "For the most part, fans have stopped doing The Wave."

Oh, and he also mentioned there's a new president. Because, you know, after being kept in a tent and impregnated by a maniac who believes he can control audio with his mind, Whicker is certain knowing about a change in the White House is going to be a big concern of Ms. Dugard's.

Next time someone wonders why newspapers are in trouble, perhaps they should read Whicker's column. For the record, he has apologized, although he still doesn't seem to understand how making fun of a tragic situation mere days after it occurred could be considered out of line.

Number two on today's oops list is a caller to New York's WFAN-AM, a popular sports talk radio station. "Chad on the car phone" called host Mike Francesa yesterday to discuss Yankee pitcher Joba Chamberlain. Nothing unusual about that. But Chad opens the call with a bombshell.

"I'm actually driving home to get my wife's maternity bag...she just went into labor," he told the host. Francesa asked why someone else couldn't get the bag, and Chad admitted that he also wanted to change into his Yankee jersey, "because I want my son to see the logo" when he first enters the world.

Take a listen here.

Francesa is a father himself. Having been through the whole having-kids-thing before, he points out to Chad that his newborn son won't see the jersey, since it will be covered by a hospital gown. Francesa did praise Chad for being a "cool customer" for taking the time to call while his wife was in labor, and described his own experience of finding out that Mrs. Francesa's water had broken.

"I was like Ricky Ricardo," the host said, explaining that he was running around, unable to find her bag, and not particularly calm in the face of impending fatherhood. At the end of the call, he told Chad to, "Stop worrying about Joba, get to the hospital will you please?"

Good advice. Maybe that's why Francesa is one of the most popular sports talk hosts in the country and Whicker... well, he's been a columnist for the Register for 22 years. But maybe it's time to retire, Mark.

So, ParentDish readers, we ask you, who should be more embarrassed? OC Register columnist Mark Whicker, who didn't understand that using the Jaycee Dugard kidnapping as a platform for bad sports jokes was a bad idea, or Chad, who needed to voice his concern that perhaps Joba Chamberlain is being marginalized by the New York Yankees while his wife was in labor at the hospital?

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