Dads Don Superhero Costumes to Fight for Parents Rights

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It's a bird ... it's a plane ... it's Superdad!

Most dads will tell you they perform their parental duties just fine sans blue tights and red cape. But a group of British fathers who call themselves New Fathers 4 Justice dress up like Spider-Man, Batman and, of course, Superman to fight for fathers' rights.

So far, according to ComicsAlliance, the group has been unsuccessful in getting the British government to change family law in response their high-profile protests. And their public image took a blow when some members were accused of plotting to kidnap former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's son.

This summer, Captain America and Bananaman (yeah, we don't know who he is, either) perched themselves atop construction cranes in South Wales and flew banners reading "Where's Daddy?" before getting arrested, reports ComicsAlliance. Dads on this side of the pond have gotten in on the action, too. Spider-Man stood on a crane located at Ohio State University for four days and other dads took their protest to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Check out this video of Superman plopped on the roof of a British politician's home conducting a phone interview with a journalist.

Does this image make you want to support dads fighting to change family law?

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