Do Middle Schoolers' Bracelets Show Off More Than Style?

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Schools worry that kids are using bracelets to advertise sexual activity. Credit: Jupiterimages

Most parents know that life gets more difficult as the kids get older. But did you know that sex starts as early as middle school?

That's what the principal of the Angevine Middle School in Lafayette, Colo., thinks. He e-mailed parents and asked them to tell their children to leave the bracelets at home.

Bracelets? What's that about?

After speaking to students at the school, the principal and some of the teachers were concerned that the bracelets had "hidden meanings." They asked parents to tell their kids to leave the bling at home to avoid creating a "distraction to the learning environment."

So what's the fuss?

According to MomLogic, "For years, teens have been playing a game called Snap, in which boys try to break bracelets off girls. Different colored bracelets represent different sexual acts, which if broken, are supposed to be performed by the girls."

So will leaving the bracelets at home keep the kids' minds off of S-E-X? Maybe. If what the teachers found out about the bracelets is true, one can imagine that they would be quite a distraction indeed. On the other hand, why are boys running up to girls and pulling any article of clothing off of their bodies? Perhaps telling them to keep their grubby hands to themselves -- or suffer a week of detention -- would be another solution.

What do you think? Are the bracelets a problem? Or is the school overreacting?

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