Preschool Teachers Sickened By Pot Brownies

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Buyer beware: Brownies you buy at bake sales might be more than you bargained for. Credit: olya, Flickr

Snack time got a little crazy at one Los Angeles preschool when a teacher there bought brownies laced with marijuana from what she thought was a church bake sale.

When several teachers became sick after eating the treats last April, public health investigators suspected that it might be more than just a case of food poisoning, according to a report in The New York Times.

One of the teachers purchased the homemade goodies and brought them to work to share with her colleagues. After eating the brownies, the adults suffered from giddiness, dizziness, dry-mouth -- and the munchies.

Wait a minute. Aren't brownies supposed to cure the munchies? Not in this case: a piece of leftover brownie tested positive for traces of cannabis, according to a report published Sept. 4 in The Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Stella Folgeman, author of the report, told The Times that the teachers had no experience with marijuana and that they didn't like the effects they experienced.

"They didn't know they were eating pot brownies, so it's not the same symptoms as someone who deliberately ate them at a party and got high," Folgeman told the newspaper.

Of the two teachers who sought medical attention after the inadvertent bacchanal, one tested positive for TCH, the active ingredient in marijuana metabolite. All of the teachers have since recovered.

The church bake sale turned out to be a street vendor who sold the psychedelic baked goods for $1.50 a piece. Los Angeles, be warned: He's still at large, so unless you're looking for a party, make your own brownies at home.

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