Anne Heche and Ex-Hubby Get Court-Ordered Parenting Coach at $375/Hour

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Anne Heche

Anne Heche will be getting some help from a parenting coach. Credit: Getty Images

Anne Heche and her ex-husband have been ordered by a judge to retain the services of a parenting coach.

Officially termed a "parenting plan coordinator," this person will attempt to get the former couple to act like civilized adults with regard to their 7-year-old son, Homer.

According to, the "coordinator" will earn $375 an hour and be responsible for:

1) Coaching the parents on effective co-parenting
2) Helping the parents make joint parenting decisions
3) Resolving disputes between the parents concerning the court-ordered parenting plan

Heche and her ex, Coleman Laffoon (that name!), have agreed to work with the coach. It has been reported that Heche is now living with actor James Tupper, and that they have an infant son, Atlas Heche Tupper. No word on whether or not anyone in that household needs someone to teach them how to change a diaper.

TMZ implies that the coach's job will be a tough one. Heche has displayed, shall we say, erratic behavior in the past, including attacking the father of her child on national television. They say divorce is hardest on the children. That is particularly true when Mom insults Dad on "Letterman."

Laffoon has accused Heche of bad mothering for wanting to bring their son with her on movie sets rather than enrolling him in kindergarten. Ouch. Heche has accused her ex of being a chronic masturbator. Whoopsie. It's a parental train wreck.

But here's something I just don't get: How is it that a judge approves a parenting coach at $375 an hour? I know plenty of shrinks who work for less than half that amount and can still, shockingly, do a great job helping families get their acts together. What ridiculously expensive planet is this judge living on?

Would you pay $375 an hour for a parenting coach?

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