Pennsylvania Elementary School Bursting With Twins and Triplets

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One Pennsylvania kindergarten class has been overrun by multiples. Credit: Cindy Shegan Keeley, Daily News

Kindergarten teachers at South Allegheny Early Childhood Center in Pennsylvania had better be on their toes this year: Six sets of twins and two sets of triplets have been enrolled in the school's kindergarten classes.

The influx of multiples led the school to add another full-day kindergarten class, according to a report in The Daily News of McKeesport, Penn.

"At first, it was a little overwhelming," Amy Larcinese, elementary assistant principal told the paper. "These kids make an entire kindergarten class on their own with 18 of them. We had to add another full-day kindergarten class. It brings an interesting dynamic to the kindergarten."

Making it slightly easier on the teachers: None of the twins are identical, so there shouldn't be too many cases of, "Are-you-Johnny-or-James?" or scenarios in which the kids try to pull the old switcheroo on their teachers, pretending to be each other.

Parents were given the option of keeping their children in the same class or separating them. Some chose to keep their kids together while others decided separating the kids would help them become more independent.

How have you dealt with your multiples in school?

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