AOL Great Place For Working Moms (We don't wanna brag, but...)

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If we're blushing today, it's for good reason -- AOL was included on the Working Mother 100 Best Companies 2009 list.

While we normally don't like to toot our own horn, we're setting modesty aside to tell you just why Working Mother magazine thinks AOL is a great place for moms. Not only do we hire super-talented women who also happen to be parents, we support their rise through the ranks with our Women's Network Mentor program. Twenty-five percent of AOL's top earners are women, as well as 35 percent of our managers and execs.

We love kids around here, too, and that's why 28 percent of the women who were promoted last year participated in a formal flexible work arrangement to help them achieve that elusive nirvana -- work/life balance.

We're pleased as punch to be recognized by Working Mother, but we do have one little bone to pick in the interest of accuracy -- our CEO is actually Tim Armstrong, not Randy Falco. But we'll forgive you this one time, since you've been so sweet to us.

Thanks, Working Mother!

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