Father Accused of Shaving Daughter's Head as Punishment

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Ajpacaja Ajiataz

Jose Alfredo Ajpacaja-Ajiataz allegedly shaved his daughter's head as a punishment. Credit: Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

A Florida man was jailed after he allegedly beat his daughter with a belt and shaved her head.

ABC News reported that 34-year-old Jose Alfredo Ajpacaja-Ajiataz of Riverview, Fla., is accused of reacting violently to his belief that his young daughter shoplifted jewelry from a Wal-Mart store and used a Game Boy video game without permission. The girl's age was not made available to the press.

Hillsborough County, Fla., sheriff's deputies told ABC News that Ajpacaja-Ajiataz beat his daughter earlier this month, then shaved her head. Ajpacaja-Ajiataz admits to shaving the girl's head, deputies added, but denies beating her.

He is accused of third-degree felony child abuse. Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office spokesman Debbie Carter told AOL that the charge is based primarily on the alleged beating and not on the shaving of the girl's head.

The South Shore News & Tribune, which covers the community of Riverside 14 miles south of Tampa, reports that Ajpacaja-Ajiataz was arrested Wed., Sept. 16, and released on his own recognizance the following day.

Although not a common punishment to young girls, the symbolism of shaving women's heads runs deep in Western civilization. After the liberation of France during World War II, women suspected of having romantic liaisons with Germans or of being German prostitutes had their heads shaved.

What do you think? Is forcibly shaving a child's head just another type of punishment, or is it child abuse in the form of humiliation?

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