Kate Plus 8: TLC Bids Jon Adieu

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Jon and Kate Gosselin

TLC is dropping Jon Gosselin from his family's reality show. Photo: Getty Images

We can't say we didn't see it coming: TLC announced Tuesday that Jon Gosselin will be leaving Jon & Kate Plus 8, and that the show will be renamed simply Kate Plus 8. A source close to Jon told PEOPLE magazine that, "Given Jon's recent antics, there was no way the show could continue to portray him as a doting Dad, not while all this other crap was going on."

Jon's "recent antics," of course, would consist mostly of his very public dating life, which apparently started before he and estranged wife Kate officially separated in June. The couple have been criticized for the way they have handled their breakup, but in recent days Kate -- who had been vilified as the bad guy in the Gosselin house -- has been focusing on her career, appearing as a guest host on The View, and reportedly filming a pilot with Paula Deen. Jon, on the other hand, has been planning his new career as a clothing designer for Ed Hardy, and going to lots of bars with much younger women.

But let's get back to what that inside source said: There's "...no way the show could continue to portray him as a doting dad." We're curious about why that is -- is it because he's not a doting dad? Because viewers don't want to see him as a doting dad? Or because TLC thinks the show will do better if the set up is single working mom Kate and her kids? Whatever the case may be, as of November 2, Kate and the eight will be on their own, at least on TLC.

What do you think -- will you miss Jon Gosselin, or is this just the beginning of the end for the Jon & Kate Plus 8 franchise? Will you keep watching once Jon is gone, or have you already changed the channel?

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