4-Year-Old Channels Kurt Russell's 'Miracle' Speech

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A preschooler in a YouTube video performs an inspirational coach's speech from the movie "Miracle."

And not everyone is happy about it.

Sports fans everywhere remember the Miracle on Ice at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. That was the year the United States beat the Soviet Union in ice hockey, a feat that seemed impossible in the weeks leading up to the games.

Jim Sacco is a big hockey fan, and the 1980 miracle was a big moment in his life, according to a story on Yahoo! Sports. Sacco did what a lot of fathers do -- he shared that passion with his son Josh. (Josh recently turned 5; he was 4 when the video was filmed.) Sacco even brought his son "to Lake Placid to skate on the hallowed ice and sit on the bench where the late coach barked orders," Yahoo!'s Greg Wyshynski wrote on his Puck Daddy blog.

And of course, father and son watched the 2004 movie "Miracle" together.

About 150 times.

These repeated viewings led to young Josh performing scenes from the film. Dad decided to film Josh reciting U.S. Hockey Coach Herb Brooks' locker room speech, as performed by Kurt Russell. He posted it on YouTube to share with family members, but of course other people saw the clip and the cuteness of it all pushed it viral.

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