Conde Nast Bids Farewell to Cookie Magazine

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Cookie Magazine

Conde Nast is ceasing publication of Cookie magazine, among other titles. Credit: Cookie Magazine

Conde Nast announced that it will be discontinuing several of its high-profile magazines, including Cookie, the stellar style guide for all things parenting.

We hear that this shake up comes at the conclusion of a review of the troubled publishing company's finances, conducted by McKinsey & Co. Cookie isn't the only title to get the ax: Modern Bride, Elegant Bride and surprisingly, Gourmet will also be closing up shop.

Cookie, founded in 2005, was the go-to resource for modern parents, offering not only high style for kids, but also meaty and interesting stories and essays about the shape and face of the modern family. ParentDish was not immune to its charms: We work with Cookie editors to feature five top product picks from that magazine in our Cookie Dough gallery each week.

Gawker obtained a memo from Conde Nast boss Chuck Townsend, praising the staff of Cookie and the other magazines that will fold in the very near future. According to inside sources, the staff has not been given final publication dates.

"The editorial and business staffs of Modern Bride, Elegant Bride, Gourmet, and Cookie all have earned their magazines large and devoted followings. We have been proud to publish these titles, and we are grateful to the staffs for their hard work and dedication," the memo reads.

The move to close Cookie comes as particular surprise, according to Gawker, since Townsend praised the periodical earlier this year for its strong ad sales.

According to The New York Times, Conde Nast is not usually quick to close titles, and in the past year the struggling media company has limited closures to newer titles like Conde Nast Portfolio and Domino. It also folded Men's Vogue into Vogue, according to the newspaper.

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