Creepy Toy Trend: Corner Dolls

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Corner DollWould you put this doll in your house? Credit: Pout Babies

They're called Corner Dolls, Time Out Dolls, and Pouty Dolls. They're out there. And they're weird.

Imagine a doll that's approximately the size of the average 2-year-old. Now, in your mind's eye, turn the doll around so that it's facing the corner. Because the doll has been very, very bad. And it needs to be punished. Just like your kids.

Um ...

If this were just one entrepreneur trying to make a few bucks that would be one thing. But there are multiple Web sites hawking Corner Dolls. One such site, Cindy's Dolls, offers a Do-It-Yourself Kit -- "$15.00+ $5.00 S&H for a Pre Sewn, ready to stuff and decorate Doll body. Great Craft Idea. I can make any doll you want special order for little or no up charge."

In addition to the poor grammar, the site refers to Cindy's creations as Bad Kids Corner Dolls. (Bad kids! Bad! Bad!)A British site, ShyKids, also offers kits to make your own doll. This time the cost is £34.95, or $55.80 in U.S. dollars. You get "Wooden Framework, Shaped Arm Pieces, Stuffing, Head, Body Stocking" and "Full Instructions." The site is called ShyKids, but they frequently call their offering "Time Out Dolls," so the punishment theme is still there.

Clearly the makers of these kits are tapping into a perceived need for a life-size doll that children can punish. Or maybe the parents are meant to punish the doll instead of their kids. Or, as our own reporter Tom Henderson put it during a phone conversation, "Punish the kid and take the doll out for ice cream."

What's next? Sally Spank-Me? Wallace Wash-My-Mouth-Out-With-Soap? Frankie the Failure?

Thanks to our friends at URLesque for alerting us to this new category of creepy toys.

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